Steam therapy

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Penetrating liquid relief for a fresh new you


The warm moisture floats effortlessly onto your skin, making you feel a glow inside and see a shine outside in an instant. Steam masks it penetrating power to cleanse and rejuvenate with a feathery touch that leaves you feeling lighter and looking younger afterward.


Steamax opens your pores, drawing out the impurities that slow you down and leaving softer, suppler skin. You'll feel your sinuses relax, allowing long, deep breathes of tranquility to fill your lungs. All the while, the heat from millions of tiny droplets wraps your muscles with intense liquid relief that unties knots and looses the grip of the daily grind on your body.

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A history of acclaim

The wonder of steam therapy have employed as part of a healthy living regime by cultures all over the globe, from the sweat lodges of Native Americans to the famed Turkish baths across Asia to the popular steam rooms of Japan. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, employed it in many of his historic treatments of illness.


Steam therapy works on the same principle that the human body employs with fever. The higher body temperature kickstarts the immune system to fight infection naturally while pore open to both cool the body and release salts and accumulated toxins through perspiration. Heart rate increases and blood vessels widen, enhancing blood flow to bring essential nutrients to replenish needy muscles and skin.