Spa Recipes

Indulge and invigorate
body, mind and spirit


While the human body is mostly composed of water, other ingredients make each body unique and special. The same applies to your bathing experience. Immerse your sense of smell and touch as well as your body during your next bath time by finding the recipe that will create the most delicious of times.


Try a splash of scented oil to embark on a heavenly journey. Just a hint of the right fragrance can be enough to relax, revitalize, refresh and reinvigorate you inside and out. Add hydrating bath oils or bath salts to leave your skin soft and supple, and you feeling like new. A few cups of milk to your bath will give you a royal experience, reminiscent of the kind Cleopatra herself had, with skin that feel creamily clean, fresh and healthy.


Concoct your own recipe or try one of ours to make your home spa experience completely enjoyable.

Muscle Magic



    • Hydrotherapy: Intense
    • Air Therapy: Intense
    • Thermotherapy: Warm
    • Chromatherapy: Orange
    • Aromatherapy: Lavender


    Fill bath with warm water. Set air and whirlpool to high and set backrest to warm. Turn lighting to soothing orange. Add a few drops of the scent of your choice in AromaScents diffuser. Lower yourself into your bath and enjoy at least 15 minutes of muscle relaxing magic.


    Preparation time: 10 minutes

    Treatment duration: 15 minutes or more




      • Hydrotherapy: Still Water
      • Thermotherapy: Warm
      • Chromatherapy: Blue
      • Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus


      Fill bath. Add a few drops of the scent of your choice in the diffuser. Set backrest to warm and turn on blue lights. Put on soothing music. Climb into bath of still water for 30 minutes of stress-free relaxation.


      Preparation time: 10 minutes

      Treatment duration: At least 30 minutes

      Lavender Bath Crystals

        Turn a normal bath into a complete wellness experience simply by adding a few of these luxurious crystals. Lavender is nature’s cure for a variety of ailments, from aching joints to a frazzled mind. And, the cleansing properties of salt help pull harmful impurities from your body – and your soul.




        • 2 cups Epsom salt
        • 4 drops lavender essential oil
        • ½ teaspoon vegetable liquid glycerine


        Pour Epsom salt into container. Drop lavender oil and glycerine over salt. Mix together. Remove entire contents and place in moisture-proof, sealable container. Let sit for 2 days, then add a handful to your next bath.

        soap and lavender
        Citrus Milk Bath

          Want an experience that soothes, restores and revitalizes? Then try this recipe in your next bath. The properties of milk will soothe your skin and relax your body, while the fresh, clean citrus fragrance energizes your mind and spirit. It’s easy to make and an absolute pleasure to use.




          • 1 cup milk powder
          • ¼ cup orange or lemon peels
          • 4 drops lavender essential oil


          Make a small pouch out of muslin or cheesecloth and fill it with powder and citrus peels. Drop oil over mixture and tie up edges of cloth. Place pouch directly beneath running water or place directly into bath.

          yellow lemons