Body jets

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Shower your body with a massage


You don't have to take the benefits of therapeutic massage lying down. Simply choose to have our factory-installed Body jets in your new shower.


Our six strategically placed body jets can be adjusted to give you the pulsating, personalized rubdown you need to heal and revitalize sore, tired muscles after a long day or energize your body at the start of new one. Just turn it on and walk in.

  • Collection

The Bodymax body jets are strategically positioned to target key zones of your back: the upper back, midback and lumbar areas.


The trapezius muscles in the shoulders enjoy a misting, lower-pressure massage from two soft water jets, while four stronger pulsating jets provide the remaining parts of your back with deeper, more penetrating massage action. When equipped with MAAX IES 3/4, your shower system delivers a more complete massage experience thanks to two additional pulsating jets directed at the legs.


Bodymax is just what you need to stay energized all day long.

  • Professional

The factory-installed Integrated Multi-Jet System is made up of six fully adjustable water jets that offer you a personalized therapeutic massage in the comfort of a full-featured shower unit. With this ingenious system, showertime is transformed into a healing, revitalizing experience.



  • Thermostatic valve 1/2 in. with diverter
  • 6 adjustable body jets
  • Rail bar kit including 3-function hand shower with 60-in. (1526 mm) hose
  • Water tester
  • Everyday

Aquasens Bodyjet Massage

Specially designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyles, Aquasens* offers the dream combination of an invigorating shower and a massage in just a few minutes. Aquasens has what it takes to work out the worst tensions.


Give yourself a relaxing treat every day. Turn your daily shower into a calming ritual as you introduce your body to a soothing symphony of water jets. Cradle your senses with this factory-installed Aquasens shower massage system.