Radia Square

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Key Benefits

The Radia is the perfect glass door for your shower. The panels are pre-assembled with the hardware and side jambs saving you precious installation time. For those not so perfect walls, our ¾” out of plumb feature will help you get the perfect fit. The Lotus glass protection as well as the push and clip system which allows the bottom wheels to detach from the track, are sure to make it easier for you to clean.



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Frame Finish
Chrome (084)
Brushed Nickel (305)
Glass Finish
Clear (900) Mistelite (981)

Features & Benefits

Product Description

  • 6 mm tempered glass with Lotus glass protection
  • Magnetic and aluminum extrusion for a better watertight closure and provides panel rigidity
  • Easy to detach the bottom wheels to clean the track (Clip and Push)
  • Panels are pre-assembled with hardware and side jambs
  • 3/4 in. of out of plumb adjustment for those not so perfect walls

Model & available dimensions

Radia square 32 x 32 x 71 1/2 in. 6 mm - 137447

32 " x 71 1/2 "

Radia square 36 x 36 x 71 1/2 in. 6 mm - 137448

36 " x 71 1/2 "

Product Image
White (002) Bone Natural (004) Biscuit LinenSilk (012)
Almond (013) Sterling Silver Gray (006) Platinum Gray (009)