Romance F Freestanding Bathtub - Shabby Chic Style

Turn old into New

Elegant yet comfortable. Stylish yet fun. Welcome to shabby chic!

Layered shades of white form the base for this relaxed feminine look. Soft hues, beiges and light pastels add color, while natural fabrics and vintage wallpaper provide warmth. Whitewashed paneling and cabinetry add a vintage feel and adding reconditioned or weathered furniture will create a soft, inviting style that puts your soul at ease.


Shabby Chic deco essentials:

  • Elegant, comfortable & inviting
  • Feminine & romantic ambiance
  • Pure whites, natural colors & beige tones
  • Traditional wall paneling
  • Vintage textiles
  • Whitewashed, aged & restored furniture
  • Our Reverie F Freestanding Bathtub


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