Pop Art Style

Pop Art Style - Miles Pink Martini Freestanding BathtubMiles Pink Martini Freestanding Bathtub - Pop Art Style

Dare extravagance!

Live your 15 minutes of fame over and over in your home by channeling the free spirit of Warhol and the swinging look of Pop Art to add a bold splash of fun and frivolity to a room.

Inspired by the golden era of "Mad Men" advertising, the commercial graphic concepts of product branding became everyday art, especially when enhanced by bright, aggressive – even clashing – color schemes that explode life onto any space. Best used judiciously as punctuation rather than as a whole novel!

The man-made materials of the period – shiny hard plastics, faux leathers, buffed stainless steel – heralded the arrival of "modern" manufacturing into everyday life, especially with their use in furniture and common accessories to let whimsy rather than functionality rule. Abstract, rather than convention, takes precedent, as does the injection of cartoonish childhood wonder into the reality of the adult world.


Pop Art deco essentials:

  • Unleash your imagination and inspiration
  • Wall stickers of decorative colored silhouettes
  • Tonic and bright colors
  • Rounded, geometric & kaleidoscopic shapes
  • Translucent and shiny synthetic materials
  • Reinvented colorful portraits - Andy Warhol art style
  • Our Miles Pink Martini Freestanding Bathtub


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