Nightlife Style

SYTLE NIGHTLIFE MILESMIles Bathtub - Nightlife Style

Let your eyes adjust to the dim lighting

Experience the hottest and hippest of nightclub scenes without the crowds or cover charge by being the founding member of the most exclusive venue around – one that's right in your home. 

Ambiance is priority No. 1. Set the mood with lighting that creates intrigue and sensuality. Think intimate rather than broad by utilizing small lamps or fixtures that illuminate focused conversational areas. Add modern accent lighting (or metallic accents) to give off a festive glow that invites but doesn't overwhelm.

Use predominantly dark colors, including deep wood tones, to create the proper atmosphere. Judicious use of glass and mirrors creates the illusion of space without eliminating the coziness of reality while adding a touch of dazzle and sparkle. Make use of sectional furniture in rich leather to create warm areas, perfect for socializing or just lounging. Add a warmth with a rug or coussins.

Nightlife deco essentials:

  • Stylish lounge with a high-tech twist on technology
  • Dark colors
  • Metals (brass, copper, steel), glass, mirror and leather
  • Intimate & sensual atmosphere
  • Latest lighting solutions
  • Robust furniture & fittings with exclusive funky materials
  • Our Purfect Pivot Shower Door


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