Modern Country Style

Modern CountryModern Country Style - Sax/Kameleon

Casual and comfy modern country

Today’s country look is about casual, kick-back comfort. Think of a getaway home where warm, overland breezes rustle through the shade trees as you relax on a porch swing.

Simple surfaces of stone or wood and open, naturally lit spaces are essential. Build your foundation using rich textures, warm browns and rustic woods. Color primarily with a soft, summer pastel palette. Add one splash of a bright, modern hue for fun or instead choose a trendy patterned fabric or catchy wallpaper to add zest to earthy charm.

Rather than ornate decoration, bring nature’s beauty indoors with an elegant plant or flower arrangement. Populate sparsely with furniture, using oversized pieces for that contemporary flair. Mix old and new, but never either to excess. A handful of vintage items go a long way, try updating one with a contemporary paint color, or add a modern accessory for a cheeky touch.

Essential decor:

  • Ideal for bright and sunny rooms
  • Simple surfaces, open spaces: avoid clutter.
  • Wood and natural materials
  • Faded, distressed, imperfect finishes are perfect
  • Fresh, soft, summery tones: beige, turquoise, papaya whip, baby blue and touches of wood colors.
  • Add punch with a touch of bold color or contemporary pattern
  • Mix old and modern (wooden lamp, funky lamp shade); rare and inexpensive
  • Keep furniture casual and simple (wood base, bamboo, rattan).
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