Industrial Style - Optik Thunder Grey Freestanding BathtubOptik F (Thunder Grey) Freestanding Bathtub - Industrial Style

An old building turned into living space

You don't have to reside in a warehouse loft to incorporate elements of this urban ideal. Think raw, rough yet highly stylish and functional. Exposed brick walls, real or faux, or concrete floors are your canvas. Deep black and gray neutrals pieces radiate depth and warmth off rough, unhewn surfaces.

Unvarnished "earthy" metals such as copper and steel in furnishings and accessory items bring a textural look that balances accents of warm-colored woods.


Industrial deco essentials:

  • Raw & rough surfaces
  • Unfinished look
  • Rust, peeling paint & scratches
  • Modern or recycled steel furniture
  • Warm wood accents
  • Brick walls & concrete floor
  • Our Optik F (Thunder Grey) Freestanding Bathtub


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