Iconoclastic Style

Iconoclastic Style - Optik 7242 BathtubOptik 7242 Bathtub - Iconoclastic Style

Rule breaker

Break all the molds and embrace the bold, energetic and unexpected with a style inspired by designer, artist and iconoclast Karim Rashid.

Start by throwing out your rulebook and preconceived notions. This is about creating a new, futuristic vision for living, not reliving the past. Combine seemingly opposed elements: loud and intense colors and patterns against stark backgrounds live in harmony with minimalistic and functional furnishings.

Rooms flow freely, a feeling enhanced by the liquidly lush curves that tend to dominate pieces. Uncommon geometric shapes in fabric designs or wall coverings crackle and pop in electric colors that bring a brilliant creative spark to a room. While certain areas may have dizzying looks, fluid movement and practical use should always remain at the core of any room's purpose.


Iconoclastic deco essentials:

  • Create a dynamic vision for the future that never looks back: challenge traditional beliefs, customs and values in design.
  • Bright, bold solid colors and electric patterns featuring unusual geometric shapes contrasted against stark, minimalist backgrounds or foundations.
  • Go beyond modern for playful designs and forms that boost creative energy, invoking movement and excitement.
  • Maintain function with fluid feels to useful objects and room flow.
  • Pink. Pink. Pink.
  • Rounded, lush curves
  • Our Optik 7242 Bathtub


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