Boutique Hotel Style

Hotel Boutique Style - Souvenir Freestanding BathtubSouvenir Freestanding Bathtub - Hotel-Boutique Style

It is all about luxury and individuality

Enjoy rich, Manhattan-style luxury no matter where you reside with a look that is part spa, part lounge and always hip. Think plush but clean for universal appeal to men and women seeking the good life.

Emphasize smooth, uncluttered surfaces that entice and invite. Balance basic elements with stylish accents keeping an emphasis on clarity – visual overload creates unwanted internal unrest. Natural lighting smartly ties everything together.


Boutique Hotel deco essentials:

  • Half spa, half private lounge
  • Plush and comfortable atmosphere
  • Unisexe design
  • Smooth & clean surface
  • Avoid visual overload
  • Our Souvenir Freestanding Bathtub


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