Girly Style - Lounge Ruby Freestanding BathtubLounge Freestanding Bathtub - Girly Style

A beauty salon at home

Celebrate your femininity by dressing up a room with your favorite lipstick reds and pinks in a tribute to beautiful womanly you. Favor sleek and glossy finishes, even in whites, to create a bright salon-like retreat. Well-placed cosmetics serve not only your beauty routine but as aesthetic accents.

Don't forget romance. Add billowy, delicate curtains around windows or other openings. Baroque-framed mirrors or artworks bring the same flair to life that you do to every day.


Girly deco essentials:

  • Stylish & Sophisticated Decor
  • Pink Shades: A Must!
  • Sleek & Glossy Finishes
  • Baroque Mirror
  • Romantic Drapery
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Our Lounge (Ruby) Freestanding Bathtub


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