Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style - Calypso Tub ShowerCalypso Tub Shower - Eclectic Style

Combine styles in a unique way!

You enjoy many different things in life, and you can put them all on display once you find the unifying elements that turn the random into the harmonious.

The eclectic style requires thoughtful planning to mesh diverse styles, time periods and origins into a unique and bold yet cohesive visual statement. Avoid chaos by finding a unifying thread of color, shape, texture or finish that ties your varied taste in furnishings and accessories together; aim to mix as well as match for contrasts that create interest and intrigue. Start with plain walls and flooring that act as a canvas for this creative reflection of your personality. Arrange a room around a focal point, such as a fireplace or an artwork, making sure to maintain proportion.


Eclectic deco essentials:

  • Show exuberant self-confidence with freedom of expression
  • Follow your heart by mixing a variety of periods and styles you love
  • Harmony not chaos: tie varied elements together through color, shape, texture, finishes, country of origin but aim to mix not just match
  • Aim for visually interesting cohesiveness. Items should share a relationship, not just be random
  • Simple walls and/or floors offer a unifying background for your many styles on display
  • Change is good! Add and subtract elements regularly to reflect your ever-changing moods and evolving tastes
  • Our Calypso Tub Shower


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