Cocooning Style

Release_CocooningRelease 7242 Drop-in Bathtub - Cocooning Style

A luxurious personal oasis

Make any living space home by wrapping it in creature comforts that create a warm, cozy and welcoming place that you'll never want or need to leave.

Set the mood with lighting that warms without harshness: let candles, dimmers or colored lampshades create a relaxed ambiance. Use colors and textures that are smooth and soft to soothe your body and soul. Focus on family gathering spaces, such as inviting hearths or formal-but-never stiff dining rooms, that invite long lingering conversations. Fill kitchens with the equipment you'll need for great meals that never end. Amenities, big and small, are desirable from simple pillows for weary heads onto chairs and couches to heated ceramic floor tilings. For your bathroom, pamper yourself inside and out with spa-like bathtub massages, scented oils and towel warmers that keep you glowing with happiness.


Cocooning deco essentials:

  • Private living environment
  • Therapies : chromatherapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy
  • Create an ambiance with candles and music
  • Spa accessories for personal care
  • Soft & soothing colors
  • Dim light for sensuousness and emotional impact
  • Our Release 7242 Drop-in Bathtub


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