Freestanding Bathtubs Innovation

sax-whiteSax White Bathtub
lounge-whiteLounge White Bathtub
sax faucetDeck Mount Faucet
sax pointerUniversal Drain Fit
bathtub afrAbove-the-Floor Rough

Builder-Ready Freestanding Bathtubs

Today's smaller bathrooms and construction budgets no longer mean sacrificing the quality of your work or the style of the finished product. Our sleek Sax and Lounge freestanding bathtubs have innovative features that make installation easy and affordable no matter how tight the deadline, the bottom line or even the room.


Economical in time, money and effort

Our affordable prices don't even begin to reflect the savings in money and time you receive with Sax and Lounge. Gone is your need to construct podium boxes or install standalone faucets. An outer shell houses all the piping and allows faucets to be deck mounted, which can be done at the finishing stage to avoid damage. All units can accommodate a universal drain that eliminates the need for costly specialized waste and overflow drains.


Small outside, spacious inside

Tight exterior dimensions (64" x 34" for the Lounge, 60" x 32" for the Sax) allow these bathtubs to fit as comfortably into the corners of smaller bathroom as they do in those with open-floor plans. By minimizing the decking, we still give bathers the long, deep soaking well they desire – 46" x 26⅛" inches for the Lounge, 42" x 20⅞" for the Sax.


Installs quickly – piece by easy piece

Installation is a snap thanks to two-piece shell construction. The bottom shell features a 3⅜" Above-the-Floor Rough so may you pipe directly under the tub without relocating an existing floor drain. The bathing well shell fits tightly over the top with a concealed seam that gives you a one-piece look while maintaining easy access underneath. Finally, four adjustable legs assure your handiwork is always on the level.